Buying a Hill

Buying a Hill

I have been buying a hill for a long time. But I don't know who sells the hill. If I had seen him, I would not have stopped for the price. I have a river of my own, I would have given it instead of the mountain.

Who does not know, the price of the river is higher than the mountain. The place of the mountain, the river flows. But I would buy the mountain instead of the river.

Of course, I bought the river instead of an island. As a child, I had a very small, tiny island. There were many butterflies. In my childhood, the island was my big favorite. The island seemed small to me in my youth. I like the flowing river very much. My friends said, have you got such a big river in exchange for such an island? You have won a lot!

Then I would be overwhelmed with the joy of victory. Then I really loved the river. The river would answer many of my questions. For example, tell me, will it rain this evening? Like a festival! I can't go to that island anymore, he knew! Everyone knows. There is no going back to childhood.

Now I want to buy a mountain. There will be a deep forest at the foot of that mountain, I will cross that forest, then just a rough mountain. At the very top, the sky near the head, the vast earth below, intense loneliness all around. 

Aiming at the ten aspects, I will say that every human being is arrogant, here I am alone - here I have no arrogance. It is better to ask forgiveness instead of winning here. O ten aspects, I have not done anything wrong. Forgive me.

I would say more than every man is selfish. I will say I am not. Many break their promises. I will say I am not. Hey! May Allah make us all right. Forgive us all. Keep everyone away from sinful deeds, give us guidance. The sea of your mercy is nothing compared to our sins. Forgive us in the ocean of your mercy. Amen

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