Sodium lamps are silently leaving the city streets 

Sodium lamps are silently leaving the city streets

Sodium lamps
are silently leaving the city streets. Their demand is running out and is being replaced by another new, energy-efficient lamp. 

During hundreds of activities in this city of bricks and stones and black smoke, I suddenly stop on the street under this sodium lamp. I look at the yellow-gold light with a strange fascination, what is there in this light !! 

Think, find, can't find. I eat light quietly and start walking when my mind is full. I know what the taste of this light is like, head tingling type, trouble forgetting type. The color of depression seems to blend in with the color of this yellow-gold sodium lamp. 

Suddenly I forgot everything for a moment. Many times I thought I would hang a sodium lamp on my porch. In addition to enjoying Darkness on New Year's night, I will occasionally eat sodium light. But it does not happen. Why it seems, sodium lamps are beautiful on a lonely street at night. 

Incredibly beautiful. Mismatched on my porch. Deliberately sitting in a tong shop next to a sodium lamp on the side of the road, I would sell tea and coffee to the lonely people who come to eat sodium light at night. 


In this way, I too will be able to eat light, earn some money, all will be well, but it will not happen. These are not for everyone. After spending seven or five days thinking, spending a night, we forget, the desires are lost. We lose everything, then keep looking, find without knowing. 

Sometimes I forget what I find! Although I forget what I find, I do not forget to find it. I don't know when this search will end when the search for color will end when the thought of color will end when life will end. 

Everyone's Responsibility & Reality

Everyone is looking for something in the heart of the earth, everyone wants to do something good in life. Traveling, but someone's education, someone's family religion, someone else's responsibility to take care of life is over. 

Studying from a young age, looking for a job, practicing the religion of the family is the end of all the time of life. Where is the success of personal life! In the same way, the light of sodium in the streets of the city spreads its light in its own glory and allows people to eat the light. Life ends with its light. 

The sodium lamp makes everything beautiful with its beauty. The lamp makes the streets look beautiful as if God had given it to him. 

These sodium lamps are on the verge of extinction day by day. Looking for sodium bulbs
Day after day the roads are losing their own beauty.

"Time falls in failure
There is no escape route, But the lights are really nice."

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