Trip to St. Martine

Bay of Bengal trip to Saint martin from Teknaf
The Bay of Bengal

Dhaka to Teknaf 
  • March 15 night -

After overcoming many obstacles, I left Dhaka for Teknaf at 8 pm without telling my parents.
Coronavirus then just attacked Bangladesh...

I left. Because the preparation is taken long in advance. Who doesn't know the virus will attack!

Anyway, I got on the bus and started my journey towards Teknaf. The bus runs in its own glory. In the middle of the bus accident in Comilla, some bad boy broke the glass of the bus.
Anyway, we left after the trouble.

Halfway through the hotel break, we ate and drank. After 30 minutes the bus started traveling again.
After a long journey, we reached Teknaf.


Teknaf To St. Martine Island

  • March 16 morning -

Arriving at Teknaf, we freshened up and had breakfast. Now it's time to cross the sea by ship.
We bought a good ship ticket from Dhaka. But, for some reason, we have to go on a small ship because there is a defect in the ship.

After a lot of trouble, we set off on the Naf River. After a long journey, we crossed the Naf River and reached the Bay of Bengal.

Bay of Bengal , Sea
Bay of Bengal

Now it turns to reach the island of Saint Martine by the sea!

Ship in saint Martine Island. St. Martin Island
The ship arrived in St. Martine

As the journey progressed we reached the island of Saint Martine 3 hours later.

Now it turns to check in at a good hotel. I got a good hotel.

After eating fresh lunch and taking a bath in the sea, I came to the hotel very tired and fell asleep. I woke up and saw that it was night. 

10 o'clock at night so we ate dinner and walked along the sea and came to sleep at night. I woke up in the morning, had breakfast, and went out to visit St. Martin. It is convenient to cycle to this island, so we started our journey by bicycle.

Saint martine Beach Road

Cycling in the sand is a very difficult task. At the end of the tour, we had lunch and went to the hotel to rest. At the end of the rest, we walked and enjoyed the sea. The day is over.

Rocks saint martine island sea beach
St. Martine North Beach
  • Morning of March 17

After the Fajr prayers, we cycled out to explore the rest of the unseen part of the island.
As I said before, cycling in the sand is like winning a big battle. I turned around with difficulty and found a mosque in the middle of the bicycle and rested there for a while. 

Saint martine island tree's Chera Dwip

At the end of the rest, I went to the Coconut Garden. From there I cycled across the sea into the water.
I ended the day's wandering. After lunch, I went out on foot to see the sea. I ate dinner at night and fell asleep.

Sunset in Saint Martine Island
  • March 18 at noon

I took a bath, ate, and checked out of the hotel. I sat by the sea for about 1 hour. The ship came and I got on the ship and left for Teknaf. I reached Teknaf after 3 hours. From there I took a bus to Dhaka. After a long journey, I reached Dhaka.

This was a trip to St. Martin.
  • My personal experience:

It takes nothing to see St. Martin. You will have a hard time walking around and tell me why I came here!

It would be nice to visit Cox's Bazar without going to St. Martin. Everything you see at St. Martin's is available at Cox's Bazar

You can go to Cox's Bazar without any hassle and get everything else.

Two days after arriving in Dhaka, I had to move to my own house in Bogra for the Corona epidemic.

Hopefully, God will save us from this Corona epidemic very soon.

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