Wife's Suspicion


A small family. There was a husband and his wife. The wife suspects her husband, so she decides to examine her husband one day.

Just like that, before her husband came back from the office, she wrote a letter, put it on the table, and went to bed. The husband came home and saw the letter and read it.

The letter said, “You don't love me anymore. You're moving away from me. You don't love me like before, it looks like another girl has come into your life. So you don't have to bother anymore. I'm going by myself, I'm not going. Stay well. "

After reading the letter, the husband took out the phone and called. And said, hey darling! My wife said goodbye. This time we can live in peace together. We had no more problems.

I'm coming. You are ready. Saying this, the husband got ready and left. Meanwhile, the wife was crying under the bed. This time after her husband left, she got out from under the bed.

He came out and saw another letter on the bed. The wife opened the letter and began to read. The letter was written,
Beloved, my crazy wife! Good thing you're gone, then why are your feet under the bed? I work so hard for you, for you and for my future, for your happiness.

I am working hard to keep you well so that I can meet all your needs. You have to understand that I can't keep you well if I don't work hard. And please don't be angry!

But you misunderstood me. Suspected me. It hurt me. I only love you. I have no one else in my life except you. Hope you understand everything. I hope you do not misunderstand.

 I love you so much I didn't call anyone. I'm going to the market to get some meat. You get ready to cook, come, and eat together when cooked.

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