Rewrite the same story with an opposite tone

What would happen if Socrates wanted to hear the story about his friend?

One day an acquaintance met me and said, "Do you know what I heard about your friend?

I said, "Take a minute, Before you say anything, I want you to understand your words (which you have heard) first, and then say everything "This is a good approach. We will use a few approaches here.

The first approach-
The man told me in reply, "I heard, I don't know if it's true."

I told him again, don't say anything without verifying the truth. And if it's bad, don't say it

Come to the second point, are you going to say something good about my friend? "The man replied, "No"

You can still win in some way, and tell me the words! I will say the same in someone else's case."

Me: Will what you say about my friend affect me?

  In reply the man said, would not

I said, if what you want to tell me is not really useful then why say it?

 No one likes slanderers. Slanderers are to be avoided in society. We must stay away from all this.

It is not good to listen to an unpleasant talk. We will never do this. I will not talk behind people. I will cover the bad of others, then the Prophet (peace be upon him) will hide our bad.

* It is said in the hadith, "This is enough for a a person who says what he hears to be a liar."

Slander, hatred, gossip, talking behind people's backs, looking at the faults of others are not good at all. We will refrain from all this. We will always do our best. We will not harm anyone.

We are human. We have to live in society. While living in society, we hear different things in the name of different people, but I will say that this does not mean that. It's not good at all. By all these, society is polluted, the people have polluted as well as the heart of the people.

Socrates has taught us from his life. We should abide by the teachings of all scholars, the teachings of religion. Only then will an extraordinary society be created. There will be peace. There will be no gossip, slander about anyone, jealousy, etc.

"No religion, no caste, no one ever gives a bad education."

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