About the processor generation

Processor's generation

Many who have read the topic of computer evolution before may have been confused because the 6th generation is beautifully written on the laptop in front of the hand and the gentleman said that the computer is divided into 5 generations.

To protect the two families, in fact, you are right and so am I. In fact, it is the generation of the processor. Not too long ago only 10th Gen was released.

What is the processor's generation?

The processor is the lifeblood of the computer, its core driving force. Processors are basically made by two companies. Intel and AMD. Intel is the most used in our country, but now AMD is doing well in the market.

However, the market for AMD is higher in Europe. The term "generation" is only used by Intel to sell its processors. It is not an international word, it has no value.

A way to fully grow Intel's business. Generation is how advanced and how small the production technique of the processor that Intel makes every year. Intel reveals how much smaller these transistors are in each new generation of processors each year.

The smaller the transistors in the computer processor, the faster the speed will be completed, the more efficient it will be and the less power it will use.

Dual-Core, Core i3, i5, i7, i9
Intel's conventional Celeron, Pentium processors are increasingly being replaced by Intel's core processors. Currently, Intel's Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9 are the most popular of these 4 processors.

Intel is using the term generation from these. Clock speed, cache memory, power usage, generation is changing with all these benefits.

How to recognize generation:

Suppose one processor's model is Intel Core i7 4770 and another processor's model is Intel Core i7 5770. 
Here the first processor is 4th generation and the second processor is the 5th generation. Notice that the generation number is the first number of the model number. This way you can easily recognize the generation of the computer processor.

Which to buy:

The more the generation or model, the more benefits you will get. In fact, it is more important to know which processor to take than the generation.

  • The model of your processor will depend on your work, if you are a very ordinary user, browsing the net, listening to music, watching movies, typing, a computer like Core i3 or below is enough for this kind of work.
  • You can use Core i5 if you have multi-tasking, light gameplay, programming, graphics.
  •  In the case of Core i7/ i9, I would say that it does not mean wasting money because it does not need this processor except for 3D work, video rendering, advanced gaming, but for those who have high configuration gamers, Core i7 /i9 Best. 
Now decide for yourself which processor will you take?

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