Sometimes something worse than rape can happen to a girl. 

Rape allegation

When a girl is approached by the police about a rape allegation, she undergoes a medical examination to find out if she has really been raped. The kind of humiliation that the girl has to face during that test is sometimes more embarrassing than the actual humiliation. How is a medical examination of a rapist? Recently, Dr. KS Narayan Reddy of India, Dr. O. P. Murthy gave the answer to that question in his book 'The Essentials of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology'. The details of the post-rape medical examination from that book are shocking. In accordance with Section 375 of the Penal Code of Bangladesh, 180;
If a woman/girl has sexual intercourse against her will, it will be called rape. Therefore, according to this section, if a prostitute (prostitute) has sexual intercourse against her will, it will also be called rape. Where the penal code says that a girl must be punished for rape no matter what, why is there a question about the character of a girl who has been raped during the investigation of her case?

Here are 10 facts from that book:

1. During the medical examination, the victim has to take off all his clothes one by one in the presence of a doctor. This is done by standing on top of a piece of paper so that anything or anything that falls down from the girl's body when the dress is opened can be collected for testing in the laboratory. Blood, semen, mud, or sweat from the body — which may be used as evidence of some crime are collected from the girl's body.

2. The girl's body is examined with the help of ultraviolet light while she is completely naked to see if there are any signs of semen on any part of her body.

3. Wounds such as cuts, bruises, or bruises on the body — scars that may have formed as a result of scratching are scrutinized.

4. Close-up pictures of injured parts of the body, especially the genitals are taken.

5. Depending on how much pressure is applied to any part of the girl's body, the type of wound will form. If the girl has scars on her back or waist, then it should be understood that the girl has been tortured by throwing her on a rocky or hard ground. Signs of bite or any other injury may also be found on the nipple.

6. However, there is usually no sign of such a scuffle on the body of one-third of the victim, because the girls usually do not give much resistance to the attacker out of fear during the rape. Especially if the girl is hit on the head or strangled, her ability to resist and courage is greatly reduced. In those cases, there are no signs of serious injuries to other parts of his body.

7. The girl's sexual hair is scrutinized to see if there is any male sexual hair or dust. Whether the rapist is alive or dead, at least 15-20 of her sexual hairs are collected for medical examination.

8. The girl's hair was also collected for examination.

9. Whether there is any sign of semen around the sexual hair of the rape or around the vagina is examined carefully. The girl's vagina was collected with the help of cotton and sent to the laboratory for medical examination. The condition of the girl's hymen is also closely examined.

10. If the crime occurs 48 hours or more ago, the vagina is collected from inside the vagina with the help of a glass rod, cotton, or spatula. It is seen whether there is any sample of semen or blood in it.

In Bangladesh, most girls are subjected to unimaginable harassment after reporting to the police. 
The need for a medical examination of the girl as part of the legal process cannot be denied, but can that process be a little more humane?

How can the issue of giving justice to the girl not be made faster by reducing the complexity of the legal process?

An abominable social disorder called rape has spread in the form of an epidemic. After being raped, socially humiliated, and deprived, many women are choosing the path of suicide. Those who are committing such atrocities on women are inhumane in the name of human beings. 

They have no humanity, they have bestiality. And these animals are disrespecting our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters everywhere. University students, housewives of Ajpara village, even children are not being protected from these animals. 

Their rape terrorism is growing at an unstoppable pace. Let's all fight these rapists together. I handed it over to the law. And the only demand about them is to break the intricacies of procrastination and ensure the maximum punishment in the shortest possible time.

Rapists are not protected, I want maximum punishment.
Everyone says out loud, stop rape
Female mothers, female brides, daughters, and sisters.

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