“Revenge destroys our relationships” – I strongly agree with this statement.


The revenge thing is bad for everyone. The fire of revenge is terrible. He burned every one to death. No one can win if they can take revenge. Forgiveness is a great thing.

I think, "You don't have to live with the past in your heart, you have to learn from the past and move forward."

Revenge will always ruin our relationship, not do it well. Forgiveness is a great virtue. If you can forgive, the relationship will not be ruined. If you have bitter experiences in the past, it is better to forgive and learn from them. People just make mistakes. We can build a beautiful society by correcting mistakes and forgiving them.

Revenge may bring temporary peace, but then all relationships end. If it were forgiven without revenge, the peace of the soul would be maintained forever. One of the great virtues of being able to forgive is that you can forgive someone if you want to. If you forgive, you will find peace of mind.

Although many find it difficult to forgive when they have had bad experiences in the past, forgiving will bring peace of mind. It is not very difficult to move forward by learning from there without ruining the relationship.

We are the people we live in society. We are harmed in different ways by different people while living in society. From here remorse accumulates in the mind, from which comes the desire for revenge.

But we can do no harm to anyone if we want and if there is any loss we will apologize to him. And if someone hurts me, I don't have to take revenge on him. Learning from there, we can move forward carefully. 

So that we do not face that loss again, if we take revenge, that loss will not be made up for, so we will forgive him without taking revenge without ruining the relationship and will move forward again with patience.

No one ever benefits from revenge, so we will never take revenge on anyone. We will always try to forget the past, learn from it, and move forward. 

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