Why are parents sacrificing many things for their children?

Sacrificed by Parents

Parents try to improve the lives of their children before they come to this world and continue it till their last breath. The sacrifices they have made for their children are countless.

After becoming a parent, the couple's life centers on their little bundle of joy. A couple is a mother and father and what was before ‘us’ now transforms into ‘our child’. Throughout life, parents dedicate their time, directly or indirectly, to their children. 

Even after a busy day at work, it seems difficult to relax because the little child is eagerly waiting for the whole day to play with the parents.
Our parents change their lives for us but it harms their mental health. There are certain people and moments in their lives that provide them with emotional protection. But because of parental responsibilities, they often cannot meet it. All these sacrifices ruin their mental health. 

From an early age, parents spend money to provide for their children. They provide the best education possible and sometimes go beyond their limits to give children better opportunities.
The first relationship that affects the birth of a child is the parents. The wife is now the first mother or father. The list of priorities changes and suddenly the kid is at the top of the list of all relationships. 

Some friends and family moved away emotionally from their parents. Life is now defined by relationships that are important to parents and not separate. Sometimes child abuse can cause a parent to lose a valuable relationship in a lifetime. 

Demands uninterrupted attention until a child is independent. By then the age and financial freedom for the parents are over. After retirement, they find time for themselves, but the golden days of youth are lost in creating a life for the children rather than them. 

Parents have unconditional love for their children. In old age, parents become our children and they need love and care. Remember, a parent never retires. 


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