Increase the speed of Chrome

Increase the speed of Chrome

It takes a long time to open a closed tab in the Google Chrome browser. If you want to open a tab quickly, you have to follow a few simple steps.

First open the Chrome browser and type: "Chrome://settings/Onstartup" and press Enter.
There are three options called ‘Open the New Tab page’, ‘Continue where you left off’ and ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’. Click on ‘Continue where you left off’. Then close and reopen the tabs.

Opening dozens of tabs slows down the speed of the computer due to the Chrome browser. OneTab, Session Buddy, and Great Suspender Extension can be used to ensure that the speed is not reduced.

Extensions can save Google Chrome's memory costs. So the tab will open quickly. If you do not want to use the extension, the more used tabs can be bookmarked.

Also, you can scan the system with the built-in scanner of the Chrome browser to avoid malware.

Click on the three-dot icon in the right corner of the browser and click on the ‘Advanced’ option from ‘Settings’. Scroll down to the ‘Reset and clean up’ section. After clicking on the ‘Find’ option from the ‘Clean up computer’, Chrome will find out the harmful software that is lurking on the computer.

It would be better if you use the paid version of antivirus. It is better not to use the free version of antivirus.

Also, if you are using the original version of Windows, then you should not use your antivirus. Windows Defender will always keep you updated. You will always get better results if you update Windows Defender.

Remember, you will not get security if you use pirated windows. You will be the victim of hacking. When to crack and not safe. At the very least, using a paid antivirus will keep you safe for the most part.

If not, there will be various problems. There are many total antivirus/security there you will find cleanup options they are very useful. Your browser will also speed up a lot, there are browser cleanup options.


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