Important instructions for capturing great pictures on a Smartphone

Taking pictures on a Smartphone

Although the price of DSLR cameras is quite low in the current market, and many people now have DSLR cameras in their hands, the number of people taking pictures on smartphones is still high. After all, smartphones with excellent cameras are now available in the market at very low prices. That is why I am writing this post today. Today I will share with you some tips so that you can take beautiful pictures with your smartphone in a more wonderful way.


Most of today's smartphone cameras no longer have that fixed focus technology. Now you can take pictures by setting auto-focus or manual focus while taking pictures if you wish. Hopefully, no one is unaware of this, but if this term sounds new to you. 

I am concluding this point by drawing a real-life example. While watching dramas or movies, you must have seen a scene where you first see the protagonist standing near the camera clearly and suddenly you see the protagonist behind the protagonist with a blurred face. This is an example of focusing. Yes, it is possible to focus on video, not just static images, even on your mobile.

Do not zoom

For those who take pictures on a smartphone, point-and-shoot cameras have two types of zoom. One is optical and the other is digital or software zoom. In all those cameras, the picture quality will be good as long as you take pictures with the help of optical zoom. 

But whenever you go digital, the picture quality will go down. Now come to the zooming technology of smartphones. So far, digital zooming is being used in most low-end and mid-range devices. So, be sure to use as much zoom as possible when taking pictures with the smartphone's camera.

Try to use natural light instead of flash

This point is only for smartphones - but not that. Rather, it applies to smartphones as well as point-and-shoot cameras. In fact, the flash is not very useful or useful, and if you do not know what you really want to take or what kind of picture you are going to take, then it is wise not to use the flash in all cases. 

The bright light of the flash is basically capable of taking pictures of black space - but is it really necessary all the time? Because most of the time if you take pictures using flash you will get very bad quality pictures. 

So just turn off the flash and take pictures if you don't need to. And you can take good pictures even in a dark place during the day without a flash. The native flash illuminates the picture. But you can control the brightness of the image with the help of a computer without turning off the flash. So, don't use flash unless you need too much.

Use a rear camera, not front

Now the selfie craze is going on. Everyone is taking selfies using the front camera of their smartphone for the perfect look. But, if we come to the word 'quality' - but the front cameras of smartphones are still being beaten. 

Cameras that are capable of capturing much more detail than front cameras. So if you want to take a selfie, you should use the rear camera, although it is difficult to take a perfect selfie like this. Yet the quality will get much, much better. Use the camera app with manual control The latest camera API has been added to the latest version of Google's Android and Apple's iOS. 

Third-party camera apps will be able to use this API more easily and will give you more advanced camera control than ever before. If you can take pictures manually with your smartphone, such as - exposure control, aperture - etc., then your photography experience will increase manifold. So, use any good camera app that offers manual control. So, even if it's not like DSLR, you can play with at least some color.

Last word

Remember, DSLR is nothing! Something is happening to you. If you hold a nice smartphone in the hands of a good photographer, you will see that he has come in front of you with all the nice pictures, which you will be surprised to see. 

Even if a common man is given a DSLR, he will not be able to take good pictures. So, when you are taking pictures, try to think about what you don't have!
Of course, you can.

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