All the wives in the world are at fault 

Husband  Wife

Because look, We have friends to chill with. IPL for entertainment. Brother's to share our problems. Bar when we depressed. Colleague to joke around with. We have so many options. 

But all she thinks about is clothes and neighbors. Be it news or nuisance, Shock, or surprise. They have only one option. Husband!

They make us their first priority. And this is their fault. 

When some idiot calls you, You get all cherry and talk to him for hours. When your wife calls, You tell her you're busy and hang up. 

That's what we do. You don't give her time. You don't listen to her. She should be frustrated. I don't understand why the hell you get frustrated. 

A married man says marriage takes away his freedom. Bachelor's life is best. And when it's dark, you change into your pajamas, grab a bunch of flowers, and rush to the bedroom.

I bet there is no couple in the world who hasn't fought. Because men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. Their ideologies can never match.

Men think logically. Women think emotionally.

Suppose, you're home an hour late from work. She gets emotional and asks why you're late. You answer logically saying you had extra work.

Emotion and logic can never go together. That's why you fight every day.

'Now that I'm an hour late, let's go out for some time.'
No husband in the world says this to wife.
When she falls sick we give her a pill, as it's logical. But she wants you to pamper her. That's her emotion. 

The day men let go of logic and think emotionally. They will have no worries about marriage. I'll guarantee it.

Handling women is quite easy.

A kiss on the forehead when you leave to work. A call to check on her in the afternoon. A smile to appreciate her dressing. And a compliment about her food. Put your work tensions aside and spend an hour with her. That's enough.
Do that and life easier.

If you want to make a relationship stronger. Be honest and say these two phases. 

  •  'I Love You' When she makes happy.
  •  'I'm sorry' when you have hurt her.

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