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Sudden arrest

Remember - The police are our friends.

🗣1. The police cannot arrest you without a warrant or notice. (Excluding CrPC act 54).

🗣2. At the time of arrest, the police are obliged to give you or your family members a memo regarding the reason for your arrest, the name of the arresting officer, the time and place of the arrest. This thing is a must-see. Its importance in cases is immense.

🗣3. The police are obliged to present you before a magistrate within 24 hours of your arrest and cannot detain you for a single day without the magistrate's permission. If there is a court holiday, you have to appear at the magistrate's residence.

🗣4. No woman can be arrested or searched without a female police officer.

🗣5. According to the law, the police cannot torture you physically or mentally in a lock-up. Can't even slap.

Now find out how the police can harass you and what to do in this case-

🗣1. Police cannot arrest anyone for any post that is generally anti-government, anti-ruling party. Because the right to freedom of speech is recognized in our constitution. But the police filed a case under another section. You may be a victim of police harassment. If you post on your Facebook-

  • Use any word obscene
  • Make baseless serious allegations
  • Character assassination.

To avoid all these things. Do not give the police a chance voluntarily.

🗣2. Keep the phone numbers of any of the reputed criminal lawyers, local human rights activists, and media at hand.

🗣3. Stand by your side as soon as you know someone is being harassed by the police. Spread the news using social media.

Further advice and cooperation of wise lawyers can be taken in this regard. Help create public awareness.

Remember, Only your awareness can keep you healthy.
Collection: Law's of Bangladesh

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