Air conditioner (AC) explosion

Cause of AC explosion:

1. If you do not use AC in proportion to the load of the room. In this case, the AC has to run for a long time, with which it becomes overheated. There is a possibility of an explosion from that.

2. Inside the low-quality AC, the fan, wiring, electrical systems are not working properly. As a result, there are technical faults, which can often lead to fires.

3. Another major cause of AC accidents is lack of maintenance. As a result, technical faults can cause a fire in the AC or a fire in the AC gas can spread inside the house.

4. Many times when the window or door curtains in front of the window AC move, the air circulation is obstructed. That too can heat the AC.

5. If you do not use the right spec power cable.

6. If there is dirt in the AC condenser, high temperature and high pressure are created in the compressor.

7.If there is a blockage somewhere in the pipe inside the AC, high pressure can be created and the compressor can explode.

 8.High pressure builds up when the refrigerant is charged more than the limit of the compressor and the refrigerant is not charged properly.

9. If the compressor does not have the required amount of refrigerant, the inside temperature rises above the limit.

10. If you do not vacuum the AC properly.

11. If you do not use the circuit breaker of the correct rating.

Ways to prevent AC explosion:

1. Using good quality and accurate spec power cable.

2. Keep the AC condenser clean regularly.

3. To check whether high temperature and high pressure are being created in the compressor.

4. Check if there is a blockage anywhere in the pipe inside the AC.

5. Check that the compressor has the required amount of refrigerant by an experienced technician.

6. Do not charge the refrigerant beyond the limit of the compressor and charge the refrigerant properly.

7. Properly vacuum the AC.

8. Using trusted and reliable brand AC, compressor, and refrigerant.

9. Refrain from buying and using low quality unknown or counterfeit brand AC and compressors.

10. Using the correct rated circuit breaker.

11. Set the AC outdoors outside the house without leaving the porch or too close.

12. Check the ACT with a skilled service expert before starting the AC after a long time.

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