Help or the slow poison
At present, parents want their children to be doctors or engineers, don't they? For this, 99.9% of them want their children to achieve the so-called "Golden A+" in public Examinations. As this is very much true, they also don't hesitate to achieve the so-called Brilliant Result by hook or by crook. 

Therefore, some even do not hesitate to teach their children the illegal ways of getting this result knowingly or unknowingly.

When I was coming out of the examination hall after a public examination, I heard one parent whose child was a very good student, saying, Have you checked your answers With your friend? 

Nowadays, it has become teaching for every child by almost every educated or uneducated parent. And they have recognized this type of activity as so-called Help.

At present, the conditions have reached such a level which is a little bit away from the doors of destruction. And in this condition, the students either cannot go forward or step backward. Due to the tendency of adopting such types of awkward situations, they cheat in the exam. 

Even a very good student seems to look at the copies of other students or match the answer with them. But when it is about the weak students, then they think in the way that as they are weak, they do not need to learn anything. I often hear them saying words like "What will we do by studying so much? 

It will be better to pass out the days with ease and by having funs. And by cheating or seeing other's copy or taking help in the exam, We will overcome it with a good result.

Not only this, sometimes the good students are heard saying, "Buddies, our seats have been set serial wise. Therefore, we will be able to achieve an excellent result in the exam.

At present, if a student wants to appear at the exam without so-called Help, then he/she is termed as 'Selfish' by the parents, teachers, and students. He or she is criticIsed in taking almost all walks of his student life and sometimes he or she is thrown out of the friend circle with some rude words.

Our education system is like that if a child enters into it, then he or she becomes suffocated or restless as heor she is bound by the shackles of the worst system of education. 

The air filled with dust is continuously polluting the system of practical examinations of Science related subjects in public examinations. The marks, hereby, are mostly incorporated through its process of the undue type of marking system which severely grabs the opportunities of practical learning.

At present, the students and their parents are seen to run after the marks, suggestions and the leaked out question papers. And for attaining the good positions in the exams, they maintain the technique of cheating in the exams precisely.

At last, I have one thing to ask and that is- "Have you ever thought about our society and the position where it has stepped its feet into? 

Now, the people of our society are terming the so-called Help' as a very nice humanitarian act. If it is indeed a humanitarian work, why do the students feel helpless when they appear at the admission test of any public university or public medical college or other institutions?

Friends, you admit or not, it is continuously taking the slow poison within yourselves and the slow poison is nothing but the so-called 'Help' Who is responsible for this act? 

The students themselves or the parents or the teachers or the education system? Now, it is time to rethink the matter and also to take appropriate steps.

Through this writing, I would like to carry out a noble call at its conclusion, "Let's Save Ourselves and Save the Nation."

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