Normally boys are sexually adults among 15/16 or earlier. Girls before fifteen.

Wedding in our Country
There we've got fastened the age of wedding for ladies at eighteen years and for boys at twenty-one years. however, I even have created a system completely different once more. The operating regulation for boys is thirty-two years. once graduation, the age becomes 26/30 years.

If the typical expectancy is sixty-five - then he can still use alternative people's cash until the age of thirty-two. After that, changing into self-directed means that obtaining employment and obtaining married once thirty-two.

The boy who became a sexual adult at eighteen. She got married fifteen additional years later.
What will he knock off these fifteen years?

Can't visit the neighborhood? cannot visit Liton's flat together with his girlfriend? Park lover won't bit the body?
Will you create yourself a stone by clenching your teeth?
How much is possible? what proportion is logically possible? each for Boys and Girls?

The sale of alcohol isn't illegal in this country. however if caught with alcohol, the police got to drink tea and water!
A boy can wait eighteen years to satisfy his hunger before the age of eighteen. Since we tend to aren't living stones. we've got physical desires. thus a boy/woman can wait eighteen years?

Do you or anyone else believe that somebody is waiting?

Restaurants in this country would like a non-public zone while not waiting. Mirpur Mazar Road incorporates an eating place with little huts. The park takes privacy with an associate degree umbrella. everybody is aware of this society. Except. If not, these would have stopped. we tend to settle for all this. I simply cannot settle for a wedding until the boy is established.

If you browse the biographies of any of the super winning businessmen in this country, you may see that they became winning abundant later. a minimum of 40/45/50 years old-time. can you wait that long? woman, to marry them?

Our oldsters do everything in keeping with Islam. they are doing not follow Islam during this matter. That was a wedding. they do not get hitched with unless they see the pot doing a decent job. get hitched with once being established before the society!

According to the Qur'an, get hitched with initial, if you're poor, it's Allah's responsibility to ascertain - (Surah Noor).
But Islam says marry after you are an associate degree adult.

"Who can feed the wife?"
This is the most important obstacle to the wedding in our country.
Is the mate associate degree elephant? Or a horse? He would not like ten kilos daily. Isn't it?

With BCS, you've got to square on your own 2 feet at the age of thirty-three so get hitched with.
Stand on your own 2 feet .....
Now think, why the wedding is 0.5 religion!

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