Why You Shouldn't Get Too Excitement About It!

5G Technology, Why You Shouldn't Get Too Excitement About It!
The G in 5G means it's a generation of wireless communication technology. It is the latest addition to mobile network service which is about 10 times faster than 4G.

1G was analog cellular, 2G was the stepping stare of digital communication, 3G brought
the functionality of web browsing and the data speeds kept on increasing to 4G and the latest is 5G. The first tests of 5G were carried out in early 2019 and it is planned to be developed in a widespread manner from 2024-2025.

The necessity of 5G Technology:

(i) Congestion in the radio wave spectrum.

Most of the electronic devices that we are using now rely on radio waves ranging from

So, the signals often interfere with each other and cause signal drops. On the flip side, 5G
will use waves of greater frequency which is free from congestion. Thus, 5G was
introduced to tackle the problem of network traffic.

(ii) Faster Network Speeds:

The previous version of 5G, which is 4G that has data upload and download speed up to
100 Mbps To cope with the ever-growing demand for internet speed, 5G was introduced promising data speed up to 1000 Mbps.

The infrastructure of 5G Technology:

There are some major differences between the working process of 4G and 5G. 5G uses waves of shorter wavelength but higher frequency called millimeter waves.

           3G↖↗4G                          5G  


3KHz                       6GHz                    300GHz     

                                          mm waves

Another technology is the implementation of massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) and Beam Sourcing.

3G and 4G Network towers send signals in a unidirectional way. But, 5G Network allocates individual signal beams for every device. This technology is called beam sourcing.

Potential 5G Network:

  1. With incredibly fast data transfer speed, an HD movie can be downloaded in seconds.
  2. Enables high-quality video calling with zero latency.
  3. Opens the doors to fully autonomous self-driving cars.
  4. Opens new possibilities for Virtual Reality and military communications.

Major Drawbacks:

(i) Much Shorter-Range:

The 4G Network towers had a range of about 10 miles. But, a basic 5G Network tower has a more range of only
1000 feet.

(ii) Huge Expense:

To tackle the problem of a shorter range, numerous small cell towers are to be established around a state to ensure full coverage. It is a highly expensive project.

(iii) Radiation Issues:

Global radiation is on the rise and the radiation emitted by 5G signals could make the situation worse.

(iv) Lack of 5G Capable Devices:

To enjoy 5G, one needs to have a 5G-NR antenna present in their devices. Such devices are really rare in 2019 and if found are usually expensive. The smartphones that we have in our hands are not 5G Compatible.

Even though, some countries like-China, Japan, the USA, and South Korea are pioneering the development of 5G. We shouldn't hope to see it in the next five years.

Even the developed countries of the world will need 2-3 years to fully make 5G commercially available. So, there is almost a fat chance of the implementation of 5G in developing countries. In fine, we should admire the technology behind 5G but shouldn't expect to get it in our hands anytime sooner than it is mentioned in the writing.

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