How to increase website traffic? SEO

Website traffic is an important issue. You don't even have to build a website to take care of it properly. Because if you don't increase website traffic, there will be no income from your site. How much income will be from the site depends on the website visitor. So let's not know how to increase the number of visitors to the website.


SEO is a lot like a wedding card. Everything is written on the wedding card as an invitation to the guest. SEO is a lot like that. Invite Google to bring visitors to your website.

Do a Google search so that visitors can see your website on page number 1. That's why if you are not SEO friendly, your keywords will not come to Google. For this, you have to do keyword research properly and then publish the article. You have to set the keywords while writing the article.
For keyword research, you can use Google Keyword PlannerSEMrush, Ahrefs, Keyword Everywhere, Ubersuggest.

User friendly: 

Are you getting married? He also invited the guest. But it turned out that he did not do the decoration properly. There is no seating for guests. Then what guests will be at your wedding. Never. Similarly, if the look of the website is not good, then the visitor will not feel comfortable to visit your website. To increase the visitors, always make the design of the website beautiful
Mobile-friendly design.

What is the common food at the wedding house? You know what?
Salad with polao and beef.

Just like that, common users will get 70% to visit websites all over the world. So you will not want to miss such a large number of visitors. Not right? Why don't you use any theme? You have to design mobile-friendly.

Use interesting content:

Who doesn't like wedding food? Many people have been seen saying that they will not eat anything for two days and will eat at the wedding. Hahaha!

Now it is not fun to go to the wedding house after arranging so much food. If the salt is less or more salty, will the food be fun? Not at all? You have to leave the marriage with the opposite criticism. So the content of your website is just like food. 

The better the content writing, the more visitors your website will have. Practice writing unique and organized articles. Do not copy and paste. Do you understand that you will wear it in a situation like giving more salt in that marriage?

Social Media Marketing:

He came to the wedding and took pictures. He also met his relatives. Now you don't have to post it on social media. Don't have to let friends know?

This is the biggest advantage of social media marketing You can deliver your content to as many people as you like. Disclose what you are doing, where you are going, even the way you are sharing your personal life information on social media, why you are writing an article on all social media.

Guest Post option:

Guest posting is a strategy to increase the profile of a website. Suppose your friend has a website where you write regularly, along with a link to your website. Banklink did a lot. By doing this, your site can come to the fore in Google search results.

Share Videos: 

What are you writing about? Or do you just not pay attention when you tell us something to do? Video posting is a great way to reach more people. There are more video streaming sites including YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, on which you can share your videos. 

YouTube is a popular platform in our country, you can make videos here. And the more interesting thing is that you can earn income from both YouTube and blogs.

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