How do you make SEO easier for someone who doesn't know anything about SEO?

Who doesn't know anything about SEO

"Suppose I have five rooms in my house. I told five people to come to my house. The one who comes first will go to the first room and the one who comes later will go to the next room. Thus the one who comes last will go to the last room.
All right?

Now suppose I said I would give these five gifts!
Now don't ask again, what gift will I give! It's not the key.

I will give five gifts to five people! Everyone in the first room will get the biggest gift and everyone in the last room will get the smallest gift!

Which would you like? Surely not the big gift?

Now if I say that search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) are constantly doing the same thing, would you believe me? Never! Because you can't get any gifts from Google, can you ?!

Yes! You are not receiving any gifts because you are a visitor or audience or customer. All you have to do is look and click on the various links in the search engine. But anyone who has a website or who has a blog, who has a YouTube channel is just getting a gift! How?

Let's match the whole thing with the above incident!
Search my home search engine. These are the five website owners who have their website or YouTube channel or blog or an online shop.
Do you understand? 
If you do not understand the question! Questions? I can't hear! Oh well! It's a book! Sorry!
The one who came to my house first went to the first room, the one who came last to the last room! Isn't it?

But if you take a good look, you will see that they had to come to my house first before going to the first room or the second room or the last room. Can they come to the room without entering the house?
Can't you ?!

Search engines are doing just that! They are allowing one website to enter their home i.e. search engine. And then seeing their quality, seeing their work puts them in the first, second, third position. The way I kept those five in five rooms in my house. In this case, their quality of work was 'that will come first!'
Now let's talk about gifts!

Tell me one thing before that. Although I will not listen!
When you go to Google, go and search by typing something, you will see 1 to 10 different links. Do you enter the sites you click on?

Now suppose your brother has a song download website.
You can also search on Google by typing the name of his website to download songs today. Didn't see the link to his site on the first page, went to the second page. Didn't get there either. In this way, he finally got to the seventh page. Then he started downloading the song!
Now you answer a question!

You are the closest person to him! Even if you go so far as to find his site, you are downloading the song by entering his site. But if there were 100 more people in your place, would they do the same thing?
You don't have to answer, I answer!

No one wants to suffer so much! Everyone wants to be in the first two or three pages of Google! So that people can easily find that site!
Isn't it?
Now, what can your brother do to get on the first page of Google?
He can do SEO!

SEO is search engine optimization. In other words, in simple raw Bengali, to bring your site to a better position in search engines!
Now with the creation of your brother's site, will it appear on the first page of the search engine? Uh-huh! Don't come!

That's why he has to do on-page SEO at the beginning. On-page SEO is a type of SEO! This on-page SEO puts a website in the search engine. By doing on-page SEO, you knock on the door of the search engine house and say, “I have come up with my site! And do not turn away! At least let me in now! ”
After your brother has created this website, if he does on-page SEO, the news will go to search engines like Google that your brother has a site with this name. 

Then Google will drag it and store it on its site!
Just like the five people in my house. Before those people came home and went to the room at the beginning, they rang the doorbell of my house and explained to me that they had come home. And I let them in the house!

Now Google knows your brother's website! Isn't it?
Do you know what Google will do now?

Examine your brother's site to see how many pages it can be. After checking the qualities, work, and condition of the site of your brother's site, he decided that the seventh page is the right location for this site!

Now let's go to your brother's case! You downloaded the song. You told your brother at the lunch table that you had downloaded the song from his site. She was happy to hear that.
But then he told her that she had to go to the seventh page to find her site. That's when he started thinking. The same question came to his head. And that is, will a person go so far to find his site?
You can't!

So now the way?

And then the idea of ​​off-page SEO came to his mind. Off-page SEO is another brother of on-page SEO and the child of SEO!
After doing off-page SEO, your brother's site came to the third page of Google in a few days. Then to continue it He stayed. Fifteen more days later he saw his site on the first page! This time he left half alive.

He came to you and said again, to download the song! You also searched again on Google, typing the name of your brother's site. But surprisingly, the site was on the seventh page a few days ago, now it has moved to the first page! You are also downloaded without any hassle of searching.
This is how Google brings a site from seventh to third, then from third to the first page, this is what marketers call off-page SEO.

Because, if there is a possibility of 100 clicks on your site every day on the seventh page of Google, then the probability increases to 500 on the third page! And on the first page, the chances increase to thousands! And this is a gift for a site! The more visitors, the bigger the gift!

In the same way, I did not let those who came to my house go to the first, second, or last room at random. I saw their qualities, the time they came home was their quality here. Then I gave him the biggest gift in the first room and in the end, I gave him the smallest gift!
What Google is constantly doing

What Google is constantly doing

So, in the last word - SEO is to get a website in a good position in search engines. SEO has two parts. On-page SEO, by which a website is shown or ranked in search engines, and off-page SEO, by which the ranking of a website in search engines is raised or increased! "

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