Some FAQs in Linux Tools

Some FAQs in Linux Tools

  1. What is a shell?
  2. What is the terminal?
  3. What is user friendly in between terminal and GUI & why?
  4. What defines a user account?
  5. What is a root user?
  6. What is the general-purpose user?
  7. What is the difference between root user and general-purpose user?
  8. What is the meaning of sudo?
  9. What is the meaning of su?
  10. Why we use sudo?
  11. Why we use su?
  12. How to create a user account?
  13. How to delete a user?
  14. How to login into a user account?
  15. How to logout from a user account?
  16. How many times it requires a password for creating a user account?
  17. How to exit from the root?
  18. What is the meaning of Sudo adduser {username}?
  19. What is the meaning of delusion {username}?
  20. What is the meaning of Sudo SU?


1. Shell is a translator between user and kernel.

2. Terminal is a textbase interface where we type the command which interacts with software and OS.

3. Both have pros and cons. Where GUI is easy to learn but slower than terminal although it can be used for more memory use I think it is GUI.

4. An established relationship between a user and a computer, network or information service.

5. It's who has access to all commands like a superuser.

6. Normal user has limited access to command rather than the root user.

7. Root user can access any file, run any program, execute any system call, and modify any setting but generally can't but he is sudor's then he can use Sudo command.

8. The meaning of Sudo is the superuser do.

9. Superuser or root user.

10. We use Sudo in the general account.

11. We use SU as the root account.

12. We can create a user account with this command line:

sudo adduser <user_account_name>

13. Sudo deluser username. Command-line:

sudo deluser <user_account_name>

14. Sudo login username.

15. Logout/Exit.

16. Two times.

17. Exit.

18. Add a new Account.

17. To exit from the root we just have to write this command line:


18. It means that the user wants to add a new account.

19. It means that the user wants to delete his account.

20. Sudo SU is basically like SU which is actually a root user.

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