Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Joe Biden and Donald Trump

I didn't like Donald Trump then, I still don't. The main reason for this is that I have always thought that this man is a very selfish fool. Extremely selfish people only see short-term gains because they are short-sighted. After all, they are not foresighted. Usually, traders are people of this nature. Since Trump became President of the United States, he has only thought about America. Forget has its responsibilities as a world superpower. Because if you take responsibility, responsibility will sit on your neck. That's why he withdrew from the climate agreement, the UN announced his withdrawal without paying them, and so on. But on the other hand, it has helped Israel. The Palestinian peace deal is deeply frozen today because of Trump alone.

Trump is a man who does not believe in science, inhumane towards immigrants. Although he himself married an immigrant. The immigrant who took her father-in-law to America with the law is now opposing the same law. Imagine Corona dealing with scientists saying she refuses to wear a mask. After being infected with corona and getting the best treatment in the world, he recovered and made people laugh with masks and social distance. Anyone who attends an election rally is forced to take off his mask.

American education and research are entirely dependent on immigrants. The best students and researchers from all over the world are thrown into the net and taken to America. The best of them immigrate and leave in their own country. This is America's greatest power. He does not have the brains to understand this thing. The way he speaks, the words he utters, I don't get the gentleman's signature in anything. It can be imagined that if re-elected. Threatens to fire a scientist like Fauchi. This Fauchi played a huge role in the discovery of the HIV vaccine. Dr. Fauchi is the best-researched site in the world.

Yet I am stunned to see the American people voting for him for the second time as president. If nature had not been hostile to him, that is, if the Corona situation had not been so terrible in America at this time, he would surely have won by a huge margin. This proves that the common people of America are very stupid and selfish. They also have the same mentality as Trump. That is white supremacy in their hearts.

It is impossible to express in words how much role immigrants can play in the development of a country. Immigrants go to new countries and work hard to establish themselves. This extra work is what makes a country forward. Immigrants, especially the second generation, are very creative for this extra motivation. Example Look at West Bengal in our neighboring country. A large part of the best politicians, poets, writers, and scientists have migrated from Bangladesh. After a few generations, they become relaxed.

Now the Supreme Court is showing people the signs of losing the election. If there is one beauty of democracy, it is gentlemen ship. That is to congratulate the new potential candidate by accepting the result as soon as the signs of losing the election are confirmed. Treat it as a rule of the game. Deviation from this means that democracy will no longer last, only the possibility of going further down from there in the future.

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