When it comes to building a new PC, the biggest problem is which processor should I take or which one should be better? 

In this regard. I will try to give you an idea of ​​which one will be better or which one you can take.

When it comes to computer processors, Intel comes first. Because even a few years ago, Intel did a flat business. Due to which the only reliance was on Intel. People pay more, but Intel Nitro's performance is whatever. One of the reasons is that AMD could not compete with Intel.

However, times have changed, 2017 AMD brought the processors of the Ryzen series to the market, solving all the problems that were there in the previous series. Since the launch of the AMD Ryzen 1st Series in 2016, people have been leaning towards Ryzen little by little. But now the 3rd Gen processors are coming and the AMD Ryzen series processors are performing at a lower price in such a way that people are getting confused as to which one to take. In a few days, 4000 series laptops and 5000 series processors will come.

I can say, I am not a broker of any company, or no one pays money, I just pointed out the truth, you can build a PC with your money or buy a processor so you can take any processor.
Now let's see which one to take, Intel / Ryzen.

You need to fix the budget first, with exactly how much money you want to take the processor. Because 15 thousand processors are not compared with 20 thousand processors. Because now Intel and AMD are in a head-to-head position, like 19/20. In some ways, Intel is ahead and in some ways, Ryzen is ahead.

Then you decide exactly what you want to build the PC for, gaming or work.

Core and Thread Intel's previous generals have much less processor core and thread than AMD. However, Intel has increased some time in the 10th generation. AMD has more cores and threads, So if you build a PC for work, such as video editing and graphics design, etc, then you will prefer the processor that has more cores and threads.

Because if there are more cores and threads in these works, you will get better performance. Ryzen is ahead in multi-core performance which will be good for the job.

But if you do gaming then gaming is still ahead of Intel. Because Intel is ahead in single-core performance. Compared to AMD. But you also have to keep in mind that gaming is not the worst performance from Intel. 

At the same price or with some money more than Ryzen, you will get the Intel processor that you will get 10/15 FPS less according to the game. Which can be accepted with the price. 

Processor Base Frequency: Most raisins are ahead at base clock speed. Where Intel Core i5 10400 Base speed 2.90 GHz / on the other hand AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Base speed 3.60 GHz.

Max Boost Clock

➤ Boost speed and Intel stay ahead a lot of the time. Such as Intel core i5 10400 Boost Speed ​​4.30 GHz, on the other hand, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Boost Speed ​​4.20 GHz.

➤ But processor to processor it is more or less so take a look at it. The higher the base speed/boost speed, the faster the processor will be able to do any work.

Cache Memory

Ryzen is ahead in cache memory. When the cache memory is high, the processor stores some data in this cache memory while performing any task so that the processor can take that task from the cache memory very quickly. For example, 12MB on Intel core i5 10400. There is 35MB on AMD Ryzen 5 3600. It is also more processor to processor, but the better.

Processor Nanometer, 

➤ The fewer nanometers the processor is made of, the better and the less heat it will have. For example, Intel Core i5 10400, made in 14 nanometers while AMD Ryzen 5 3600, was made in 7 nanometers.

Ram Frequency Support, General RAM frequency speed increases the performance of the PC. Intel Core i5 10400 supports 2666 MHz. There AMD Ryzen 5 supports 3200, 3600MHz Ram. So it supports more frequency Ram, it will give better performance. 


Currently, many people are overclocking the processor, So if you think overclocking, then AMD Ryzen will be ahead because all AMD Ryzen processors are unlocked. Its maximum speed can be obtained by overclocking very easily for less money. But for Intel, the issue is different, Intel has a specific model that is unlocked, and you can overclock it if you want, but you have to pay more for it. The model name of Intel's processor with K written on it is basically unlocked.

Inbuild GPU 

CPU usually does not have any inbuilt GPU in AMD Ryzen processors due to which you must take a GPU if you take AMD Ryzen processors. If not, the display will not come. On the other hand, Intel processors have an inbuilt GPU with which you can come to the display as well as do some work. But Intel processors that have F written with the model name have no inbuilt GPU.

However, among the APU processors, AMD Ryzen is ahead. Here AMD Ryzen processors have G written with the model name and they have inbuilt GPU. Which is a very good quality.

Processor Generation: 

This is basically the companies that bring new processors to the market once every year, and since the same series of processors are launched every year, they change the generation overtime.

For example, The Intel Core 'i' series when it first came to the market a long time ago today was the Intel Core i5 ​​650 means 1st generation. But everything has been updated with time. Today, Intel Core i5 ​​10th generation is coming to the market in 2020. 

At the same time, the processors of the AMD Ryzen series were first brought in 2016, but then it was the first generation, but now the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations are coming. 

Basically, The new generation processor is good, the old generation processor will not be good now. So take the new generation processors. As was, Intel Core i5 1st gen, 2nd gen, .... 8th Gen, 9th Gen, Now 10th Gen running.

Which one should I take Intel or Ryzen?

  1. You see if you only do gaming, basically just gaming then you can take Intel according to your budget.

  2. Then if you just build a PC for work, such as video editing or graphics design, etc., then you can take AMD Rise. You will get very good performance for less money.

  3. Now if you want to build a PC for work and gaming as well, then you can take the AMD Ryzen processor. Because it will give you better performance for less money as well as gaming. Remember that gaming is not far behind compared to Intel.

  4. Now, if you build a PC for gaming and work side by side and if you do not have a problem with money then you can take Intel. Because you can do things as well as gaming.

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