Let's find out today why honey is frozen

Mustard flowers are white with honey?
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Honey is a thick sugar solution. It usually contains more than 75% sugars or carbohydrates and less than 25% water. Honey contains much more sugar than is normally dissolved in water.

Excessive sugar destabilizes the solution and he wants to maintain balance. As a result, honey begins to accumulate. If the amount of glucose in honey is higher than that of fructose, then that honey becomes granular very quickly. Such as - mustard flower honey. Here the glucose starts to separate from the water and the glucose starts to accumulate in the form of crystals and the solution slowly starts to move towards equilibrium.

When honey accumulates, it changes color and becomes white granular, but the quality remains the same. Honey accumulation is a normal and natural phenomenon. This process of honey freezing is called crystallization. After separating from the hive, honey freezes as fast as wax cells inside the hive.

If the honey does not freeze, then it must be said that there is adulteration in the honey. Because every honey has a specific time of crystallization. But there are many of our buyers who think that when honey is frozen, it is adulterated. It's actually a misconception. 

Again, many people say that it feels good to eat frozen honey. Yes! These sound pretty bad to me, it looks like but it's not for me either.

Honey is crystallized at different rates based on the collection. This rate can be 1-2 months to 2 years. This is because honey contains mainly sugars - glucose and fructose. The amount of glucose and fructose in honey is the same. Generally, fructose is 30-44% and glucose is 25-40%. The lower the glucose solubility in honey, the faster it crystallizes.

Honey that accumulates more glucose quickly, such as mustard flower honey. Honey that is low in glucose and high in water accumulates slowly, such as honey from the Sundarbans.
Some honey freezes completely and some honey freezes in small quantities.

Get to grasp honey and bees

Beehive is made from wax. The wheel has tiny niches. every niche has six walls. However, the nests of kid laborers and honey collectors area unit a bit smaller in size, a bit larger for male youngsters and quite giant and tall for baby queens. 

Babies area unit typically at an all-time low of the wheel and honeycombs area unit at the highest. The baby queen's nest is typically at an all-time low fringe of the wheel. Before giving birth to eggs, the queen appearance at the dimensions of the nest, so that she lays bound varieties of eggs during a bound size nest. Within 3 days of giving birth the eggs, the larvae hatch. 

The employee bees feed these baby bees for the primary 3 days with honey and spore yet as Royal jelly or Rajsudha. Royal jelly or Rajsudha is formed from a special organ within the mouth of a worker. 

When regarding 8/9 days, all the larvae of the employee area unit lined with wax during this closed nest, the larvae remodel into moths or pupae. 

just in case of the future queen, the time of day of the nest is regarding seven days, (in case) of staff it's twelve days and in case of men, it's fifteen days. The beetle then transforms into a big bee and emerges from the mouth of the hive.

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