Google is secretly recording all your conversations, what to do?

US tech giant Google is secretly recording all your conversations on your phone all the time. What are you saying, who are you talking to, what are you talking about - all the information is reaching this Google server.

In this age of information technology, almost all electronic devices have a microphone. In this age of data tracking, many devices use the microphone to record audio to understand the mood of the customer. And from there, Google usually tracks all your audio. Here's how to prevent Google from tracking your audio:

The first thing you need to understand is what exactly Google records on your phone. Google does not record everything you hear. The 'Ok Google' hot word is used for voice assistants. Google Assistant is activated at any time with these two words. And this is why Google listens to you all the time. Although it is not saved on the server.

However, even if the 'Ok Google' command is off, you can use the voice command on Android phones by tapping the microphone button in the search bar. You can also use Google Assistant by pressing and holding the Home button. Google only records commands that you say after saying 'Ok Google.'

How to listen to your own recording?

  • There are separate portals for listening to all conversations with Google services. Here you will find all the voice commands given to Google Assistant.

  • First, open the 'Google My Activity page. Here you will see all the apps opened on the phone from all the YouTube videos you have seen.

  • Select the 'Filter by date & product' filter in the search bar here.

  • Now first select 'Deselect All' and select 'Voice and Audio'.

  • Now select 'Apply'.

How to stop listening to Google on Android phone?

Google can be stopped from listening by changing some settings on the Android phone. E.g.
  1. Turn off the 'Ok Google' feature first

  2. Open 'Settings' of the phone and select 'Google'.

  3. In 'Services', select 'Account services'.

  4. Select ‘Search’, ‘Assistant’ & ‘Voice’.

  5. Now select ‘Voice’.

  6. Tap on the ‘Voice Match’ option.

  7. Disable the ‘Access with Voice Match’ option here.

  8. Select ‘Delete voice model’ to delete your voice sample from the Google server.

Disable microphone access in Google App by following these steps: -

  1. Open the settings on the phone and select the app and notifications.

  2. Here you will see a list of all the apps on the phone.

  3. Select Google here.

  4. Select the permission and make the microphone option ‘Deny’.

  5. In the same way, select the 'Google Assistant' app and turn off microphone permission.

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