If lockdown is given in Bangladesh

First of all, why did the 'Covid19' infection increase?
The public awareness measures taken to comply with the hygiene rules were broken. There was a feeling of fatigue in the public consciousness. So the push came quickly. We also know the prevention measures. Again, measures like lockdown are not effective in Bangladesh, it is a reality. Italy, China, New York City in the United States have been able to implement the lockdown. Because they have that strategy and technology in their hands.

We have seen that if everything like lockdown is stopped in this country, 'day brings day and day eats' puts pressure on people's livelihood. In such a situation, adhering to the hygiene rules including wearing a mask, giving vaccinations — all these issues should be taken as the main effective measures. Vaccination activities must be carried out before the virus can spread. If you can't do that, you have to follow strict hygiene rules. Otherwise, the economy will fall into further crisis.

If lockdown is given in this country, "mango will go, the sack will also go." Because We can't implement lockdown. Lockdown was granted, but there was a chance of infection. Then we will just stay at home for 15 days. This will be the loss of the economy. So the pace of the economy is uncertain in such a transition situation. 

We can only say, what to do. If some restrictions are imposed, day laborers, saloon workers, transport workers, restaurant workers will be affected in the first place. Because people will not come to take the services of these sectors. 

The next step will be to affect the export of readymade garments. Thus, the export of garments has decreased. In the next three-four months, exports will not be the same as before. Also, small traders will be in danger again.

There is another type of problem in garment exports. Developed countries are doing a better job of vaccinating. As a result, the speed of their economy is slowing down. The demand for clothing will also increase soon. But if our situation does not improve, there are doubts whether he will be able to meet the demand.

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